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Last Class

Posted in art class, Aule lang syne, class, create, rest on August 5, 2009 by anuvuestudio

Jamie held her last class tonight. She needs some R&R and I need help with the only H recognized holiday…the one that matters…Halloween. We had ice cream sundaes and I would just love to show you all the kids making and eating them…but…no cf card. Yes, rookie mistake. Good thing the shots are all in my head. I didn’t get all the kids captured tonight…but hey, I had melting ice cream to eat.

I want to thank Jamie for offering to teach the kids in my home… so closing the gallery wasn’t so hard on them…and me. It was my pleasure to watch. Thanks to RJ, Marina, Emily, Cody, Bella and Ishika for making me laugh with your endless smiles. Thanks for sharing all your creativity kids. Until next time…hey, in 2 weeks I’ll need all of you for Halloween…so don’t get lazy!


Like Father, Like Daughter

Posted in Art, art class, artists, Bring it, class on June 4, 2009 by anuvuestudio

Emily finished her painting in the Young Rembrandts class and Jame and I thought it was so special that we wanted to share it with you. I thought it would be nice to have her portrait in front of the magnificent photograph her Daddy gave me. Jonathan shoots several different exposures with custom pinhole cameras that he makes himself. He then makes prints like this graphic that even old Ansel and his zone system would be proud of…

Emily is 10 years old and it took her 4 very patient weeks (one 2 hour class each week) to finish… I believe you can definitely see…creativity runs in the Family!

Meet and Greet

Posted in back in business, Bring it, Cameras, class, gallery, Photography Class on February 5, 2009 by anuvuestudio

2/5/09 begins our new classes for Adult Digital photography. Tonight, after leaving the gallery to close up, I came home to prepare eats for the “meet and greet”. I’m in charge of the fruit platters and cracker selection for whatever Jamie has dreamed up. She gives me the assignments she knows I can complete… without poisoning anyone we like…and besides… I can make things look “pretty”. Jonathan called to check in and make sure we hadn’t lost the keys to his classroom or given folks the wrong day… and I happily told him we had things well under control…and we certainly will…by tomorrow 😉

I’m so looking forward to seeing the students arrive…and even though I already know most of them, they have assured me, they’re still coming. They’re very serious about learning how to use those new cameras and I can’t wait to see how they evolve. Just wait until they tap into that creativity that’s ready to burst out of each and every one of them. Most of them would say “yeah…right”. They don’t know it yet… but very soon they will find they cannot put that dang camera down… and it’s worse the more dangerously close to knowing something they become. Soon we will be sending them out into the world to bother family, friends, pets, teenagers (my personal favorite because it’s so easy) and innocent strangers at an alarming rate. Isn’t it great? Hum…I wonder when I’ll get the first annoyed call…

What we learned

Posted in Art, art class, artists, class, Images, young rembrandts on August 27, 2008 by anuvuestudio

There is nothing in this world like watching a childhood friend teach a group of young kids to have confidence in their own abilities. It’s like really cool magic…and I only I got to see up the sleeve.