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The scar and the 2 headed baby

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Well, I thought I might start out this Halloween with a bit of a story…and if that title don’t grab ya, well you must be glued to the tele.

The other night I decided to head out to my Halloween Haunt that’s open all year round and harbors some really stellar props for Halloween. I’m not sure I’ve ever been there this close to the big day…I’m usually visiting in June and July, but i needed some more black-light paint and my choices were limited. I brought some of my family with me and left them to wander at will. There’s plenty to see and there were plenty there to see it! As I wandered down the aisles, I began to noticed people staring at me strange. Some would actually make a face and move on quickly. At this point in time, I’m sporting a pretty good scar from a recent bout with skin cancer. It runs from my inner left eye down about 2 inches. Now the scar doesn’t bother me much cause I kinda like the mystique…but I kept thinking to myself, “Geez…What the heck’s the big deal?”…. “Hasn’t anyone ever seen a scar on a female?” I kept moving down the various aisles, full of people there to enjoy all the crazy things they sell Halloween related or and find just the right costume. But, every single time I got near anyone… they made a strange face… and by the time I was down the last aisle…well I was getting pretty perturbed. Suddenly a lady hit her husband, pointed at me and laughed… I looked at her totally confused and then she pointed again…lower.

That’s when I looked down and realized I was holding in the crook of my arm… the last prop I had come for…

Mystery Over 😉

Sunlight, shadows and a greeting for you

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A moment of peace inside Anuvue…


My own back yard

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In my continuing saga to build an unusual reception type desk to fit the spirit of Anuvue, I set out exploring the internet. I don’t know about you, but I typically get side tracked away from exactly what I’m looking for… and end up trying to ship some strange, obscure thing from somewhere like a glacier off Greenland (or is that Iceland).

Anyway, my mind see’s this very cool desk, made from stainless steel, with some sort of pattern…and of course will probably end up costing not only the farm, but most likely 3 times anything I could have purchased ready made. But, as luck would have it, I found the perfect thing…in New York. Hey, at least I’ve worked my way to the US.

I have this friend who makes trade show booths and builds all the interiors of new stores for a rather large Surf Company… and, if I don’t stock him too much, he is always happy to help. I emailed him (much safer for him) and told him what I was looking for. I asked him if he knew anyone closer…say So Cal area…somewhere I could drive and pick up a sheet of this beautiful stuff, without bending or mangling it in the process. And, as is usually the case…he told me of a place, that embarrassing as this is to admit…is about 1/4 mile from the Printing Company I have worked at for these 20 LONG years. When I saw the old map Quest map…I burst out loud laughing!

I probably should have called these poor unsuspecting folks to warn them I was coming. They could have made themselves ready… or at least armed themselves with a metal trash can lid. Now picture a place that works for the Aircraft Industries and Automotive type people…and then picture a woman standing at two double glass doors…as they opened, shrieking with glee. I ran up and down the isles, caressing all the beautiful sheets of metals available…patterned, rolled, anodized, embossed, pierced…holy moses…my Mecca. One poor soul came up, perplexed to see a woman in leggings, sandals and a crazy skirt… I think he figured I was on my way to the mall and got it all wrong…and then…he asked the magic question…”Can I help you Miss” with up-extended eyebrows?

For the next half hour, he patiently answered every hairbrained question I could think of…”What’s this for?”…”How is that used”…”oh my God, what colors do you have”…”what size”…”how much” ? You get the idea.

He was a very nice man and will no doubt hide from me when I return to buy my ideal sheet metal. Upon my departure, I did ask how long the company had been there …He told me 20 years…

Facing 50 Head On

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Yes, that is 2 puns in one line… TDB

Self Portrait