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Paying it forward

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I am in need of a painter. The gallery has very high pitched walls with a beautiful wooden ceiling. I don’t have a ladder that even remotely will get me to the top…and given 2 Halloween events ago and my “ladder incident”, I wouldn’t even think of it for my poor right ankle’s sake.

So…last evening I got out the “Yellow Book” which covers my entire area. I opened it to the painter section and flipped through. Me being “picky”, I chose the ad with the best looking design. It was simplistic, angled and had good graphic elements applied. Now I realize that most of you out there (who don’t know me) are trying to figure out what the heck an ad has to do with the quality of a paint service. Not a whole lot.

But, as I’ve said before, there are powers working here that are much greater than me. I’m just the one who is putting them into action. So I called John’s Quality Painting and as it happens, John lives about 1.5 miles from me. He came over within 20 minutes to have a look at the area. John is about 22-25 (I’m guessing) and as I spoke to him, I knew a kindred spirit and shared the many details of this gallery adventure. In return John shared his love of Interior Design and Architecture with me and I got to know a bit about him. When John left I felt confident I had found the right person.

I spoke to John today, so I could get his pricing and let him know the color choices I’ve made. John told me over the phone he would accept no money from me for the gallery painting. He wanted to do it as a gift to the cause. I was stunned…still am to be truthful. He just wants to be a part in helping. He said he believes in “paying it forward’ (my own motto)…at that I had to hold back some tears…

I hope to see alot of John hanging out at the gallery in the future. He has a great heart and is definitely my kind of people.

Leona and others

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I’ve been asked by several people “How do you find your Artists?”…well…all I can say is “In my travels I find them and they find me”. Sometimes I get the feeling they are being sent to me…at the right place and the right time. It’s not something I question. I accept it as just something meant to be…not sure exactly who’s directing…but I have my suspicions. That’s the truth.

For the last 5 years, when I go anywhere I’ve had a habit of picking up cards. I never knew exactly when I would be able to open a Gallery…I just knew I would. So, for years, I’ve been collecting cards…from Artists. They have to be (of course) talented…but they also have to be friendly, easy going people. I have headaches enough on my own…I’m not interested in having more…so each person’s personality is taken into account. Whenever I stop and see something I like (and think others would too), I ask about it. Depending on the eye contact, the willingness of the person to explain, the light in their eyes and my comfort level around them, I make a decision. Life is short and this is supposed to be fun. I’m easy to talk to so if they aren’t, then it just isn’t for me.

Leona is a perfect example of the right place, right time theory. About 14 months ago while I was traveling with my lovely niece Nicole, we decided to go to Death Valley (the best kept secret I know). Death Valley only has 3 places you can stay at. One, which is ridiculously priced at something like 300.00 bucks a night and 2 older (but still nice and homey) lodge type places right in the heart of the valley. I pulled my jeep up to one of the 2 lodges to go inside and get our room secured. I past a woman sitting on the bench just outside the office. I noticed she was making something and I can never resist watching someone work with their hands. I used to sit for hours and watch my Dad at his drafting table, or tying fishing lures or propagating plants…so the habit has stuck from childhood. It’s probably why I love Artists in general.

When I came out of the office, I plopped my rear down on the bench next to her and asked what she was doing. She was making a basket…and not just any basket but the most intricate little basket I’d ever seen up close! She had some type of large bag with her and she proceeded to take others out. Now I’m not really a basket person. I’m have very techie modern tastes but these baskets were…well they were magnificent! I remember seeing one with some sort of carved turquoise handle on the top while I asked her how she had learned to make them. She told me she learned the craft from her Mother and that her Mother had won awards for her baskets. My heart began to smile.

Well, we talked for a while and then I realized she was a great match for my little Gallery that (at this point) was still in my head. I told her what I had in mind…and I saw that light in her eyes. She gave me a card and I held onto it until I finally found my building. I contacted her and the rest of the story will continue in the Gallery. Oh yes, her Mother…she’ll be a participant too!

Leona sent me a couple of pictures. One is of some of the baskets she and her Mother have made recently. The other is of something I have never seen done in all my life. She makes purses…out of cowboy boots! You have just got to check these thing out!


And so it begins…

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I have sat in this room both literally and figuratively until I can see it finished in my mind. I sit in total quiet and stare until it materializes right in front of my eyes. I have made tweaks here and there by mere inches, changed drawings over and over and traded older ideas for new ones with all the tradesmen that have a part to play in the building. I only get one first impression so it has to count…and it has to stick in the visitor’s mind.

Yesterday, my talented Carpenter Tim and I sat on the floor and made paper patterns. It allowed me to see the exact position and sizes in relationship to the floor space and walls. It also allowed my Electrician George to see where the lighting would need to be placed. Tonight I watched as 2 x 4’s, ladders, drywall and paint were all carried up. Tomorrow, I will be present and accounted for at 6:30 am for the delivery of my new sliding glass doors. Less windows, more walls.

With each check I write, each time I pull my credit card out, my stomach muscles tighten and clench. I no longer sleep at night, what with this worry or that thing I might forget… unless I get up to write it down. Both my Family and Friends have a blind faith in me that I will make this happen and it will be good. I feel tremendous pressure (actual terror on occasion) to not let anyone down, including myself. But each time I meet a new Artist and see that light that come into their eyes and hear the excitement in their voices, I feel something that words cannot express. It’s something I lost a while back, something I’ve been searching desperately to re-gain. If Anuvue doesn’t kill me before I get it open, I will have one heck of a write off this year…and be a very excited, very busy, women…with a dream that came to life.


Old Trains II

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I notice alot of bloggers with an interest in trains. I have some earlier posts that get hit 3 to 5 times a day, everyday. I thought I might share a few more shots, especially for a young man that lives in New York who shares a great love of trains (along with his Daddy). The Orange Empire Railway Museum is the West’s largest collection of railway locomotives, streetcars, passenger cars, freight cars and other train-related items dating back to the 1870s. On weekends, you can even ride a train on the sample railway, which looks very cool! (And for a fee they let you drive, which in my case, could be quite scary for the other passengers)!


2 weeks to keys

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I will take the keys to my new Studio Gallery in about 2 weeks. Needless to say, my mind is spinning with details…all in a good sense…while my pocket book deletes at an alarming rate. I have met some very talented people in my travels the last few weeks. Everyone that meets a certain criteria will be asked to join. I have selected to begin with a few unknown Artists that specialize in jewelry, textiles, acrylic and watercolor, fusion glass, sculpture, basketry and photography and have been so very pleased with the diverse backgrounds they come from. They are all great, unique people and I am truly blessed to have connected with them. I will also add to this 2 Teachers who talents lie in drawing, painting and photography to allow the locals a chance to learn in a personal setting with no more than 10 students per class. Probably a class for the youngsters and one for the adults…depending on what we have time for. I’ve also ordered some really crazy toy-like cameras for folks to purchase. They can do things like “split screen” and “Warhol” your photos. I can’t wait until they get here!

I’ve also been able to re-join with an old friend who is a cabinet builder extroidinare. He has been so very patient with all my changes and my perfections as we’ve worked on many projects in the past. I can be quite picky when it comes to how something should look (including myself) and Anuvue will be no exception. He and I connected instantly, exchanging ideas and finding solutions for a very small building. I picked out some very unique materials to work with as I want it to be fresh and modern in styling. I will also be investing in at least one, possible more large flat panels to show off the work of other Photographers. I have selected a few Photographers that aren’t even in this Country but was so impressed by their unknown talent…well, they just have to be included. I have a few more American Artists in mind as well. (Alan and yb…are ya out there?) 😉

I’ve made connections (and friends) with 4 Galleries outside of my city, but within 5 miles or less… and we all look forward to forming a relationship that works together for the benefit of everyone. In the meantime, I have signs to produce, graphics to complete, vendors to annoy and banners and lightboxes to be made…yikes! I’m working on botanicals at the moment…I have an idea in my head…uh oh :0


Things found

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