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Candy Detail

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The Reluctant Bride

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Ghastly Mariachi Trumpet

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Photography by Photo444

The Bride and her Groom

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Photography by Photo444

Woman in Veil

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I figure I’ll string out the shots this year and give you one a night. I’ve been out for a few days, practising my Vampire skills (I had a treatment for minor skin cancer that requires me to stay out of the sun) while two very kind friends held down the fort. Susan and Jim, I can’t thank you both enough for watching the gallery! Jim (while guest sitting in) took some stellar shots of the current “visitors” hanging out. All the shots I will show are his and all the developing (in case he saw them finished differently in his mind) will be in my hands. This young lady stands at the slider door, looking on… as she mourns the loss a beloved one, while the deceased beloved one’s bride holds his head in her lap. That shot later. Don’t ya just love a good spin on a story…even if the caricatures involved aren’t breathing πŸ˜‰

Woman in veil (with a shout out for Kweli’s lovely earrings)

A little Update

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I thought I would give you a little update on the Gallery Opening. It’s really crunch time for me so postings are coming slower. Anuvue Studio is situated in my city where high speed services are quite limited. We are located directly behind a large expanse of natural wetlands and therefore cell phone towers are not available (rightly so). It has been a challenge to find all the features that I’m looking for and has become a chain reaction of events.

We have installed our state of the art flat screens and have utilized all the newest products that the Apple Family has to offer. I wanted to have DSL service (my house 1/4 mile away has it) but it is not available in our environmental position. Therefore my only choice was the local cable tv people. I wanted a package deal with wireless phone, cable TV and Internet. I spent literally hours on the phone and the company has decided to let the studio become a “test pilot” for the new phone service they are not even offering until the end of May. I must have sounded that desperate. The poor agent didn’t even have training on how to write up an order.

From there, it is mandatory by insurance (and frankly I wouldn’t have it any other way) to have an alarm system but one can’t have an alarm system with a phone and one can’t have insurance without an alarm…you get the idea. While I figure all this out, I can’t seal up all the electrical holes in the walls until I know if any of these people need to put yet more holes into my walls.

And to make matters more intricate, all the flat screens and items hooked to them must be dis-assembled and removed so that the drywall guy can do his thing with the finishing coat without ruining alot of electronics. So you see, for every 2 steps forward, we take 1 step back. As you might be able to tell, I have given up sleeping entirely and exist on coffee and cat naps. πŸ˜‰

On the absolute positive side, my lifelong friend Jamie, is full speed ahead, working on her “Young Rembrandt” art classes for kids (seven and above). She is going to teach everything imaginable. Her list includes perspective, shading, color theory, graphite, charcoal, water color pencils, oil pastels, acrylic paint, creative still life, landscape, life drawing, art appreciation, portraiture, caricature and tromp L’oeil. When I saw her list I said “you go girl”…I’ll be safely down the hall. Let me tell you folks…she CAN do it and all those in her class will be some very lucky kids.

That’s my news. Talk soon. H

Frozen in NYC

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Β One from NY Kathy πŸ˜‰