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empty studio, blank canvas

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1. Anuvue from Back wall, shows windows, patio and vaulted ceiling and lovely flooring

2. Shows entry and half wall. The other side (where the window is currently) will have freestanding 6 foot walls with stainless steel tubing (for the price of a very good lens) above and below for architectural interest. I don’t need windows, I need walls (in this case). Then that little area between the half wall and new freestanding wall will house the Artisan “Gift Area”. Cabinets are being custom made in the shape of a square horseshoe from Baltic birch plywood ( where the plies will show). That wood is the hottest thing going right now. And then custom 8″ jewelry cases from stainless steel will fit on top. These cases will house beautifully made jewelry, hand made baskets, hand made Tibetan items, pottery, devil ducks and crazy cameras. Above the jewelry cases, against the back wall, there will be 6 suspended glass cubes (more of that dog-gone stainless tubing) to house a collection of fused glass. One both the left and right walls will be flat screen TVs. They will rotate digital photography (of course) and Artist portfolio’s..the latest trend in Galleries. On the far right, past the glass entry door there is a little alcove. Where you see the white spools wire). That area will house grand kitchen central. I have a Cuisinart family of items just waiting in my garage. There’s even a small wine fridge (and I don’t even drink!)

3. The row of windows, that alas, except for the lucky guy on the very left, all will be covered by the freestanding walls. Hey, ya can’t exactly hang a painting in a window people. The one on the left opens so I can crawl out onto the little balcony in front. Wish there was a door!

4. The bonus room. A very large balcony…my favorite part. If you go out to it, that street running along side is 1/8th of a mile from hitting the ocean front 😉 (I am no fool)


The High Definition game

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