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Speed of Light

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Shadow People

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the fairshadowsbw

looks who’s coming to party

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Photography by Photo444

Lighting and art

Posted in design, gallery, light on March 25, 2008 by anuvuestudio

Been a little under the weather but finally was able to meet with the lighting designer for the studio. I figure a gallery is 50% about the actual art and the other 50% is about how well the lighting works to the art’s advantage. I took lighting design in college (which was more years ago than I care to divulge) and some of it stayed stuck in my brain…That and the fact that I studied the internet until I felt I wouldn’t embarrass myself. 😉

The designer left with a clear vision (of my vision) so I’m feeling good about what he will come up with. Now of course comes the dear old check book…

I was lucky enough to obtain a small office caddie corner to the studio (though I’ll wait until the previous tennant actually vacates this time). It’s small (and cheap) and will make a wonderful classroom for digital photography, painting…heck whatever we decide needs teaching. It will probably hold 10 students…just the right number to feel good about teacher / student time. I’m now working on folding desks (with a flair) so that the room can pack up nicely and dual as a photography studio…and part-time storage. I’m all about getting multi purpose uses out of whatever it is I’m working with. Hey, depression era parents…what more can I say!


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Sunlight, shadows and a greeting for you

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A moment of peace inside Anuvue…


Line Light

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