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Anuvue welcomes you to our first private show

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Tibetan Amdo Nomads Weave Pattern

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This is the pattern that represents the Amdo Nomads of Tibet. It is usually used as an accent to the edging of a garment or anything woven… that they use. The colors are both cheerful and hopeful.

Devil’s golfcourse

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The Race Track

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Courtesy of Desert USA: The Racetrack is a unique attraction of Death Valley National Park that not many park visitors get to see. It’s a dry lake-bed in a very remote and beautiful area. On the north end of the lake-bed is a rock formation known as the grandstands. Rocks from the grandstands and other nearby formations break off and fall onto the lake. There, they perform feats that make this remote playa world-famous. They move! But after all these years, a hundred or more since this phenomenon was brought to the attention of naturalists studying Death Valley, no one has ever seen them move. These rocks aren’t boulders; most are perhaps a foot or so tall, but can still weigh a lot and are not easy to lift. The evidence that they move is in the trails they leave behind them as they scoot around the lake. You’ll find a rock sitting innocently anywhere on the playa — from next to the grandstand to the far southern edge — and behind it will be a trail, from the rock sliding across the fine clay surface of the lake-bed.

Now, I have to say I didn’t see any rocks move but I did see trails behind many. It rains very seldom in Death Valley and they tell you if the lake-bed is wet, don’t walk on it because your footprints can remain for years and years in the dry clay surface. Hard to say how old these were but what I can tell you is… I felt like I was on the Moon…


The crash of Flight 111

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There are things in your life that leave an impression…for better or worse. The crash of Flight 111 on September 2nd, 1998 is one of those memories I keep. And while greatly saddened at the loss of human life, in contrast to the families who’s lives and dreams were changed forever, my memories are those of a tiny community of people, who in the worst possible challenge, showed the best of human nature. They opened their homes and ultimately their hearts to those family members who needed to just be there…in that space and time…to commune with those they loved…and lost. A total of 229 men, women and children perished upon rocky shores in icy waters and virtually half were Americans. Their memory is kept alive by a simple memorial and one of the most beautiful vistas I have ever been lucky enough to experience. It took me almost 10 years to get there… but Nova Scotia and it’s proud, wonderful people, were everything I had hope for.

Swissair Flight 111 was a Swissair McDonnell Douglas MD-11 on a scheduled airline flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, United States to Cointrin International Airport in Geneva, Switzerland. This flight was also a code share flight with Delta Air Lines.On September 2, 1998 the aircraft used for the flight crashed into the Atlantic Ocean southwest of Halifax International Airport at the entrance to St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia. The crash site was 8 kilometres from shore, between the tiny fishing and tourist communities of Peggys Cove and Bayswater. All 229 people on board were killed. The resulting investigation by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) which took over four years concluded that flammable material used in the aircraft’s structure allowed a fire to spread beyond the control of the crew, resulting in the loss of control and crash of the aircraft. Prior to the crash, Swissair 111 was known as the “U.N. shuttle” due to its popularity with United Nations officials; the flight often carried business executives, scientists, and researchers.img_4401a.jpgimg_4402nv1.jpgimg_4428bg.jpgimg_4432-2ab.jpg

Not just a song…

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The Village

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