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God Speed Chris

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I can still remember clearly the first time I heard his voice. I would lay around listening to the radio, trying to catch his name or the name of the band he was frontman for. I would always hear parts of the song… but never enough to make a purchase in the 5 music stores I went to. I would try to sing words from the song, always to a very confused music merchant. Finally, a person at Virgin records had heard it too. They placed the elusive CD in my hand and I was off. I popped that thing into my car and turned it up so loud the walls vibrated and shuddered. The voice was haunting, dark, melancholy. It was deep like the vocals that have attracted my attention since I was a small child. I played that CD endlessly until people refused to ride in my car. I can laugh at that now. That day Chris became my favorite singer. He had the voice of a dark angel. The kind of tone that hits you inside the chest and gives you that twitchy pain behind your eyes. The tone you feel into your very soul.

I’m a firm believer that some people are just not meant for this world. They try so hard to conform and live amongst us. But their souls are always restless. No amount of love or money or beauty or fame can tame them and their search for that “something” that will keep them steady and quiet their soul…it just never comes. Some people will say he was selfish. Some people will say he abused drugs or alcohol. Others will discuss what was in his mind; depression, mental illness, bi-polar, whatever… as if they knew him well both inside and out. The simple fact is no one did. We only knew his music.

What I say? I pray that God wraps loving arms around his family and friends. I pray Chris has finally found his inner peace and is free.  God Speed Brother.

Words to Live Audioslave Chris Cornell Show Me How Me

Guess what’s coming…

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Arthur Pendragon and friends hanging out waiting for their moment is the moon 😉


Halloween 2015

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Well…after 2014 and the brown tent I decided to find a big black tent. If I have to fit in a tent…it better be black. It is after all Halloween and there are certain rules to play by.

“Fitting inside the black tent”. I created “A Vampire picnic”. img_2646














Halloween 2014

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I don’t want anyone to think I’ve ended my love affair with Halloween. No, you’ll still find me as big a kid as ever. I’ve just toned it down quite a bit. I find (as I age) I’m not quite as coordinated… and when I almost lost an eye to a rebar robot arm…Mike started yelling.  I realized I’d better take care of myself first and then the beloved day. Mike said whatever I can fit inside a tent, I can do. Well…you know me. I can creep out a bit sideways. 😉

I haven’t posted in quite a long time. I’ve been very busy these last couple of years but I did manage to snap a few pics to immortalize my favor day. 2014 was the first year of “fitting inside the tent”. I create Carnevil. Moo HOO HA















Oh Holy Night

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No one does it better 😉

Surf City News for Oct 31

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A very nice lady (Marcie) from Surf City News came out and did this feature on our Halloween Scene. I’m the odd one in the middle 😉

I eluded to this being the final “Biggie” as I am covered in bruises and almost lost an eye this year. That tetanus shot wasn’t great either… but the look on the Doctors face was priceless.

I would not have traded these last 18 years for anything. We’ve tried our best to spread magic to all the wonderful trick-or-treators and hopefully made an impression on one of them to carry on the torch (or crown). I will always favor Halloween over any holiday. I will always celebrate with some madness that evolves from my head. But I’ll do it in a style that’s safe to my body parts. I may try to trick or treat next year. Hey, and maybe by golf cart!

click the link

Surf City News for Oct 31

More Photos from my friend Jim at Photo444

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JMP -4147

JMP -4150

JMP -4151

JMP -4153

JMP -4156

JMP -4158

JMP -4162

JMP -4168

JMP -4171

JMP -4173

JMP -4175

JMP -4179

JMP -4182

JMP -4184

JMP -4190

JMP -4193

JMP -4197

JMP -4203

JMP -4207

JMP -4208

JMP -4209

JMP -4227

Preview Night

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The Halloween Incident

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The Halloween Incident

Never let your face come into contact with a prop…

Moving right along…

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Cindy, Julie and Kathy are following from far away planets so I’m doing my best to keep up.


This is a member of the H31 Planet Inspection Team. I had to consume allot of pollo bowls to complete the chest plates.

You try to get rubber gloves on a mannequin that’s fighting you.


Harry and George are now completed and waiting on their lights.



Cubot is under construction.


The rockets are being assembled. Don’t you just love the fins!


and the fabulous 15 foot x 8 foot backdrop is printed!