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The Grey Men.

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I wanted to make some astronaut-looking guys…(my own version). I went to the depot looking for some type of bucket for the head piece. I always get totally absorbed in Halloween while walking the isles. Those poor people are forever trying to help me, a lone woman in the plumbing or bolt section. While trying on buckets in the main aisle, I gathered several onlookers who are not aware of my eccentricities.  They seemed to be fascinated by the large orange one’s so I decide that had to be the right bucket!  As you can see, I’m not allowed to use some of the tools (after the ladder incident) so Mike did the cutouts. He did a fine job in between the second and third quarters.


And the depot made it easy because their advertisement has a perfect square for a template!


Still a work in progress and even I don’t know what they’ll look like. Those dear Grey Men have been everything from Vegas Show Girls to Scary Circus audience members. They are always good sports and they never argue with me….



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This is the time of year when people at work parade all sorts of trash by me. It’s almost a dare at this point to see just exactly what I’ll make out of say…a left over center ring when the tape roll is out. Some are frankly frightened to throw anything out because I tend to linger over the dumpster by shipping. They think I’ll fall in someday. One year I collected tubes (see the alien ship year, maybe 2010?). Now no one will pass me without offering up a tube. I’ve never made a robot so I just started collecting anything. Boxes mostly, but then Mike came home with a box of big cups from work…and my brain took off again.


Again, silver!!!! Though George isn’t done yet, you get the idea where he’s going. Mike keeps stopping me from spraying in the wind. You know HB, always windy. I have to sneak outside and try to cover him without painting our house, car (or the neighbors). He’ll get covered eventually.


That’s my frozen dumpling tray on his…um…groin and wait until you see the deviled egg tray that covers his light up holes!


The cups worked well for arms and I added all that edging out of something I found in a garage drawer. Hopefully it wasn’t necessary…


George is embarrassed because his back-end is not covered yet.  His head is my Hoag bucket from surgery. Nice touch huh.


I’m working on Henry while the wind blows. I have to be careful about placement after an incident last year. A light in my graveyard had slipped, accidentally lighting a stone cherub’s “pee pee”.  I heard a conversation from the kitchen window:  a small child asking his Mother why the “pee pee” was lit up. In my total confusion I haven’t move that fast since High School track. I saw and quickly rectified the offensive pee pee and all was good in Halloween Land.

50’s Space Helmets (my version)

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Space Helmets

Start with some 99 cent store strainers and add a fruit cup topper (or whatever that red thing is supposed to be)


Add pipes from the depot and spray them all silver…

Doesn’t silver transform everything into wonderful things… well maybe not silver spandex…


add some breathing tubes


Show off your model (get a signed in blood waiver)


Attention hound. He’s fighting me over his right leg. He thinks he looks more fascinating with one leg. I think this is just flaunting because he doesn’t have to wear pants this year.

Ray Guns

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Supersoakers make the most marvelous ray guns. I’ve been collecting them for a few months at a buck a piece.  I don’t tell their previous young owners their fate because I know they will never be the same. (They will be BETTER!) I gotta tell you…once they are sprayed silver… they look very real.

Tip… Don’t ever leave your ray guns un-attended.


The making of scary forbidden planet rocks

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Start with boxes (that’s what i did) and tape them together.


Crunch up kraft paper and stuff it here and there.


Add some gnarly foam insullation,


some spray paint and oh…


a touch of glitter and you have


some mysterios rocks… not of this world 😉


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Yes, yes, I’m a bit late but I can barely remember how to use this blog. I have been busy since August slowly building for this years extravaganza. Attention all you Halloween fans…The Queen of Halloween present this years theme: Retro Sci-fi. What do i know about Sci-fi? Not allot.  A friend (Geno) at work offered up a “Sci-fi theme” and at first I wasn’t sure what I could do with it.  But then… inside my brain…pictures started forming  with my own version. I did so love this cool  backdrop…and Here we go!

Slaid Cleaves with Woody

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Take the lyrics of Woody Guthrie, combine the instrumentals and haunting voice of of Slaid Cleaves…and you have magic.

this morning i was born again
and the light shines on my land
i no longer look for heaven
in your deathly distant land
i do not want your pearly gates
i don’t want your streets of gold
this morning i was born again
and the light shines in my soul

this morning i was born again
i was born again complete
i stood above my troubles
and i stand on my two feet

my hand feels unlimted
my body feels like a sky
i feel at home in the universe
where yonder planets fly

this morning i was born again
my past is dead and gone
this brave eternal moment
is my great eternal dawn

these troubled blood within me
each breath of life i breath
is united with these mountains
and the mountains with the sea

i feel the sun upon me
it’s ray’s crawl through my skin
i pray the life of Jesus
and old John Henry
i give myself my heart my soul
to give some friend a hand
this morning i was born again
i am in the promise land

this morning i was born again
and the light shines on my land
i no longer look for heaven
in your deftly distant land
i do not want your pearly gates
i don’t want your streets of gold
and i do not want your mansion for
my heart is never cold

New Fave Artist John Newman

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Found this guy by accident (like all the music I enjoy). Loved this stripped down version. And for those of you that need more backup, he joins Rudimental with the same song.  Happy Birthday Mama.

God Speed Huell

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“Whatever success I have found in this business,” he said, “I have done it without doing any of the things that people said I had to do in order to be successful.” No agent, no manager, no public relations staff, no private parking space. H.H.