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One room almost down…

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You’ve seen the sneak preview of the classroom and now the Sony Bravia is in place. I watched the latest James bond flick on it and I am here to say…I was in 007 Heaven. ( I know you may be shocked, but yes, I am a BOND Fanatic…even have a secret agent watch!) Anyway, this beautious flat screen will allow a Teacher to show demonstrations to the Students from a lap top… while the Students themselves follow on screen.

The Teacher’s desk, files and shelving just came in from San Francisco…And where else was I to get orange furniture …people? It’s all so cool, powder coated in bright orange… with everything on wheels…and it was quite reasonable to my pocketbook. I SIMPLY LOVE IT.

Check out the hour glass on the desk. It has bright green sand and it really pours for one hour. The Teacher can flip it to allow a break at the end of each sand cycle! The 2 bright orange chairs behind the Teacher’s desk will actually be under the flat screen…waiting for use by a Parent wishing to participate in their child’s Art Class. I know how much my own Friend’s loved being involved when their children were young so…well, you get the idea.

All the white student desks and chairs fold up so that everything in the room is portable. It allows me to basically fold it all up from a classroom and turn it into a photography studio. I’ll add some roll down backdrops, a few props and voila…instant studio! Oh yeah… a Model might be good too! 😉

There is a tiny model changing room in the back…or a storage place for openings when I don’t want to use all the furniture. The Teacher’s desk can roll in front of the flat screen and with a laptop, a Model can see shots taken just moments after the action.

And…all the student desks can be pushed together to become one big banquet table to hold appetizers for the openings… while some artsy video, portfolio or whatever is playing on the flat screen to entertain the gathering. I’m all about multi-purpose and I think this room is up to it…and even better…won’t interfere with the gallery itself.