The Unfortunate Groom

Photography by Photo444

3 Responses to “The Unfortunate Groom”

  1. Oh my, these are hilarious. I love the mariachis.

    Just to clarify, I know you’re having a Day of the Dead celebration at the gallery, and so is everything that used to happen at your house now relocated to the gallery? I can’t imagine you’re doing both places? Well, actually I can. 8)

  2. yes, yb. All has been transferred. I have a huge sign on my house to re-direct. I’m also loaning some props to another neighbor to create a haunted house the kids can go through. I will have music and mass quantities of candy and toys. We will be doing formal portraits in the classroom of all the kids in costume for free. Then we’ll give them the website where their parent’s can order prints cheaply from a print-on-line company.We may also do characatures of those who win at a game. We couldn’t possibly do everyone.

    My only regret this year is that it’s different. In that, I mean, I don’t want the kids to feel short-changed because the set is on such a smaller scale. Had I known the economy would be so bad and that everyone would be in such a weird, scared place, I would have kept everything the same…probably made it even bigger since it falls on friday…so that people would know Halloween would be business as usual, no matter what else came about. As luck would have it, I’m being treated for skin cancer with Photodynamic Therapy (pretty space-age stuff) and cannot be outside at all in the sun for several weeks so it’s just as well. We would never have been able to build a set at normal scale.

    Funny story on the Mariachi’s. I am a freak about how things look, not that a 5 year old would know…but I do! I was so anal about how those instruments were positioned and they have a heck of alot of fishing line! My husband was getting very angry with me because it was taking forever. I actually had a groom in a full tux that was suppose to be standing next tho the bride. By the time we were done with the Mariachi’s, I simply took his head and laid it in her lap, placed her hand on his cheek and said “There! There’s the groom! I’m done!”

    I liked it so much I left it 😉

  3. When you really hear the history of that head story..well, I can just picture that. Funny!

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