Lighting and art

Been a little under the weather but finally was able to meet with the lighting designer for the studio. I figure a gallery is 50% about the actual art and the other 50% is about how well the lighting works to the art’s advantage. I took lighting design in college (which was more years ago than I care to divulge) and some of it stayed stuck in my brain…That and the fact that I studied the internet until I felt I wouldn’t embarrass myself. 😉

The designer left with a clear vision (of my vision) so I’m feeling good about what he will come up with. Now of course comes the dear old check book…

I was lucky enough to obtain a small office caddie corner to the studio (though I’ll wait until the previous tennant actually vacates this time). It’s small (and cheap) and will make a wonderful classroom for digital photography, painting…heck whatever we decide needs teaching. It will probably hold 10 students…just the right number to feel good about teacher / student time. I’m now working on folding desks (with a flair) so that the room can pack up nicely and dual as a photography studio…and part-time storage. I’m all about getting multi purpose uses out of whatever it is I’m working with. Hey, depression era parents…what more can I say!


2 Responses to “Lighting and art”

  1. You are blessed in that you seem to natually attract true content experts to your fold. I’m thinking now of the Halloween events, and now the studio. It’s amazing. I bet it will cost you less than the average bear, only because people love working with you. Can’t wait to see the lighting.

  2. yb, I ventured down to the local Museum in the land of plastic surgery where the streets are lined with Benz…Newport Beach… cause I’m an hour from the Getty in LA and gas…well, you know. I wanted to check out somebody else’s lighting expertise.

    Oh my… I have been so worried (actually sleepless) about getting it right. I don’t want to detract from the Artist’s hard work. If I can’t do better than what I just saw, I should give up now.

    I do have amazing luck finding great people. They all “get it” and have been nothing but willing, helpful and truly able. I have invited so many to the opening, I’m not sure I’ll squeeze in myself!

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