We survived

Well, another year’s festivities have come…and gone 😦

Hard to guess the numbers we had for Halloween at our new location but it was a great turnout after all. At first, I was a bit worried…but the old saying…if you build it, they will come was “Dead on”. After the trick or treaters finished in the tracts they headed East, up the 19 steps to “Day of the Dead” with all the trimmings. My answering machine had 3 calls from the Los Angeles Times. Did I return them? Heck no! I didn’t get that much candy. πŸ˜‰

Shout outs to all that helped. We had my dear bud Jamie tearing up the place with her famously popular caricatures. The line formed out the door with all the little darlings but no worries there… she’s a returning veteran at this stuff. She told me one young boy wanted to leave his dog mask on. Guess what his caricature looked like? Jim manned the costume photography with the skill of a seasoned Halloweener… even though this was his first year. He told me he had fun and I have to say, from what I saw, I believe him. The lovely Susan, our gallery intern (who actually knows the price of things) was able to get off work and assist both Jim in the photo department and me in the gallery. It was her first Halloween with us as well and she made it through and still had steam for another party…ahhh to be 25 again! Jamie’s son Scott and his good friend were the “candy watchers” and did a great deal to help in the clean up department. There was also James (my young neighbor) who has grown up with “my little hobby” (now 17) and came by to lend a hand. Thank you to all three young men.

I made one sale in particular that made me a proud, happy woman. We have a talented teenage girl named McKenzie taking Jamie’s art class. She drew a wonderful pastel of a girl’s face that reminds me of both the girl in Beetlejuice and the one from “a series of unfortunate adventures”. Jamie and I decided it was perfect for the gallery this month. A lady inquired and I sold it to her (with prior permission from the young artist). I can’t wait to hand her the cash and see her face! We also held a raffle for the photograph that’s on the invite. I need to locate the winner and deliver her the prize πŸ˜‰

A special thanks to the fabulous band members of The Blue Lion Project. All the party goers enjoyed them (grandparent’s too) and they enjoyed themselves… which was great to see. I danced with my neighbor Steve (or rather tried to stay out of his foot loose way) to every Van Halen song they knew. Don’t ask me why Van Halen…I don’t even drink!

Mike (who doesn’t dance unless inebriated) got to speak with the police twice in one night and he did a magnificent job (as he always does) keeping things under control. After years of Halloween mania, I doubt I could surprise him now…well possibly…but you know I will certainly keep trying! πŸ˜‰

I got to watch children dance and sing along with the band, parade in their wonderful costumes, shove candy, soda pop, chips and gigantic cupcakes down their throats and cry frantically because they didn’t want to leave.

I’d say my job is done for another year. Santa, you may release those darn reindeer…

Photos to come…


5 Responses to “We survived”

  1. Can’t wait to see the photos. HA! The Van Halen mention cracked me up. 8)

  2. hey wonderful party, wow with jamie doing charters, the studio being so wonderful and of course inviting us to come and play…great time had by all. thank you for letting us be a part of such a great party. gina w/blp

  3. Wow what a fun group of people and a beautiful studio. Great Party. Had I blast dancing to Van Halen too! Thank you so very much. Teresa

  4. Your party was great! there were alot of great costumes and all the kids had fun things to do. The Band was great too.

  5. H, you really are something! I wish I could have seen it. Love, C

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