The Goods

Now THIS is what makes me a very popular woman this time of year…yeah, team Halloween builds a set to wow the smallest child to the oldest senior…but we know it’s all about the candy and toys!
This years helpers were Cody, Bella and Marina…
It’s 9:38pm, I’ve been up working since 8am, and I can’t feel my own feet. BUT Proudly, we are ready to premier the Alien Halloween Scene. One child (who helped decorate the Halloween mobile today) asked what I would be doing the day after Halloween. I told her (with a serious face) I would be in a coma 😉

5 Responses to “The Goods”

  1. Oh, I can hear it now. “Why can’t we go to Auntie Heather’s for Halloweeeeen!?!”

  2. As he should! 😉

    Yesterday I received a comment from a young woman who now lives in Rhode Island. She’s in school there but grew up here with these crazy Halloweens of ours. She said she really misses out on not seeing it. It’s great to know that we are making a little memory for these kids and I hope someone, someday…passes it down after we can’t (which, by the way my body feels…could be today) HA!

    We are having a coach full of Seniors today from a retirement home in Tustin. I can’t wait to see their faces!

  3. I Know what she will be doing, thinking of her next year’s idea for Halloween.

  4. What? No tarantulas on a stick?

    If I ever show my daughters this picture, I know where we’re going to be next Halloween.

  5. yb, I actually had scorpion suckers one year….just to look at . They were made in clear suckers and were a Halloween gift 😉

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