Anuvue at Night

The exterior signs were hooked up to electricity today and a crew is currently working on the installation of the simple black suspended lighting in the gallery interiors. Mike and I stopped by to take a look at the progress and I took a quick shot while he was staring at the track. The exterior signs appear quite elegant in their simplicity with only the letters lit while everything else fades away…including a very old building and another tenant’s busy new sign. I’m pretty proud of the design. Less is really more and I think it looks wonderful. I’m planning June 21st, a Saturday night, for the grand reception. Lions and tigers and bears…oh my 😉


4 Responses to “Anuvue at Night”

  1. missyogini Says:

    I will be thinking of you on your grand opening. My b-day is the 23rd so I am taking vacation and plan to go see friends and family in St. Louis. I will have my laptop with me while I’m off though so I’ll be checkin’ on ya!

  2. Thank you Tammy for the kind thoughts and have a wonderful Birthday on the 23rd in ol’St Louis. It sounds like there should be a camera packed…

  3. I do think it’s elegant. BTW, did you create the font, or is it one that you found somewhere?

  4. Hi yb, Thank you. I did create the font for Anuvue. It looks a bit elongated because I shot this standing about 10 feet below it, from the ground. The word “studio” is a standard script font. I was a Typographer long before I was a Printer so I do love unusual lettering.

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