Building Anuvue’s Patio

I’m one of those people that picks things up along the way…in my travels…and then throws them together for the fun of it. I worked on the patio for Anuvue getting it ready for the grand opening. It’s missing the flat screen that will hang on the stucco above the storage/ seating container for all the people hanging out. This thing has come a long way from the termite infested, paint peeling, sun beating down, light baby blue rod iron mess it was prior. It has a covered roof, the rod iron is now black and has black backing, the cement floor has been painted and well…here’s where I am at this moment…Please watch your step around those Damn Blind Monkeys πŸ˜‰

9 Responses to “Building Anuvue’s Patio”

  1. You did a great job, that looks fantastic!

  2. Juliane Says:

    Wow, it looks beautiful, and cozy. I like the way you showed how it progressed from empty to full of lovely things.

  3. I am bringin’ my blankie, and I’m coming to live on the patio…

  4. Wow!! You did a great job, as you always do. What a change, it’s beautiful and very inviting. Hey Leslie, I wanna live on the patio too!

  5. Hey Cindy,
    If we don’t tell anybody else our plan, it looks like there’s room enough for the two of us. Think anybody will notice?

  6. Leslie, yeah! We could wear green shirts and brown pants, we could get away with it! Yeah girl!!

  7. Cindy, I just had a vision of you and I standing there, stock still, holding planters on our heads, trying not to be discovered… πŸ™‚

  8. Wow! What a transformation. I love the plant holders.

  9. Yeah, I think that’s my home away from home.

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