Tibet T-Shirt Preview

Last month Anuvue Studio featured our “Damn Bind Monkey” T-Shirts… which were a big hit…and now even upstanding citizens are walking around with a monkey on their back…

Our next show revolves around Jim’s solo show called “Hope for Tibet” and featured here is the new design we will have available. The Amdo Nomads, along with some lovely people that organized the program, supply the Studio with many beautiful handicrafts (I am very proud of them). The colors here represent the same colors the Nomads weave into their own clothing. The symbol itself is the word “Tibet”…in of course…Tibetan 😉

2 Responses to “Tibet T-Shirt Preview”

  1. Very nice, Heather. I love the repetition.

  2. Thank you yb. I tried a few with the Amdo pattern (the actual photo of the cloth) as well but nothing felt quite balanced. This one felt right. Somehow this reminds me a little of MC Escher’s patterns. It took me a whole week to do because I just can’t look at this monitor very long!

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