Soup Sandwich

I have a great Friend who lovingly calls me a “Soup Sandwich”. Now for those of you that don’t know me (and some that actually do) I bet you’re now wondering what the heck I’m talking about. All I can say is I tried for 2 hours to get to the left side of this bridge (with how-to directions from no less than 18 people including 2 retired firemen) to shoot something I saw that interested me. After terminal A thru Z exits had been exhausted and dock 1 thru at least 99 had been explored… all I got was this accidental shot (while driving over this bridge for the 18th time) with my camera in my right hand.

I was quite impressed with my head rest’s assistance in capturing a photo of the bridge with it’s matching green truck while swearing and waving my hand around. Thus…a “Soup Sandwich” photo by the Namesake… completed in the mighty Crayola effect. Ahhh… don’t worry, my other hand was on the wheel šŸ˜‰


One Response to “Soup Sandwich”

  1. Big Rob! Love, mommaxxxooo

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