Anuvue welcomes Halloween

Well, good grief…I just looked at my calendar and October’s Halloween show is only days away. By next Saturday, all the art is due to go up on the walls (Hint Hint everyone) and in the jewelry cases. No doubt I will waste many hours… just standing there oogling everything.

This year, I will be toning down my routine, in hopes of letting the Artists shine and hopefully catch my pocketbook up with my spending. (Starting a gallery didn’t come cheap). I’m building a small set that will fit in the center of the room (where the movable walls usually stand) based on the theme “Day of the Dead” and the “can’t wait to see” art will hang on the surrounding walls.

I made some costumes with the help of a very mean, grudge holding glue gun and a very old, squeaky Brother sewing contraption. I think it’s still mad about the Scary Clown “red leatherette” tent top a few years back. Funny thing about that machine, the last time I used it,  I could actually “see” to thread the needle. This year it was quite comical. Thank God Jamie had left behind some very old granny glasses…and more thankfully… no one saw me in them… finally getting the dang needle threaded. To tell the truth, I kept looking outside to see if anyone was passing so I could ask them for help! Wouldn’t that have been an interesting conversation…

Tomorrow stands to be a busy day…for I’m usually miles ahead at this junction. But I’ll make it and I’ll be searching again this year for that shy kid that gets to become anything they want to…just for one day…the one who inspires my reason and true love for Halloween.

Now go forth and get your kids ready! or your dogs…if you must 😉


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