4 Anglos and a smoking Cantonese

We made a day of Chinatown (via the long, lost route) and had quite a bit of fun. My Mother (who is almost 85) was told she was in China, she accepted it… and enjoyed the moment. We had some wonderful Filipino food from one of my favorite restaurants, Asian Noodle…yummy. This place is Family owned and Family run and all the recipes, well they’re Family too. We dined on Calamari with a wonderful vinegar based clear colored dipping sauce, shrimp prepared in creamy coconut milk served on a platter of bok choy, spinach, sweet potato, peppers and thin, crisp string beans…then there was the sizzling sirloin (no, I didn’t), the vegetable fried rice (oh man) and last, but not least…homemade coconut ice cream with fried bananas….

I have a few more shots, but this one in particular…well it just cracked me up. There was a gentleman that we intruded upon, taking positions on a bench. He seemed not to mind in the slightest and kept happily puffing away.When I was done shooting, I smiled at him, he made a gesture…and I assured him that he’d made it into the photo. I posterised and desaturated it because it felt right for the moment.



5 Responses to “4 Anglos and a smoking Cantonese”

  1. That is wonderfull! Julie, you look beautiful! My Son, Jess, Nicole, and Momma…so nice, I am happy.

  2. This is awesome. Your mother is darling. What a set of cheekbones! She’s passed those on to the family members, I see.

  3. yb, my Mother, when younger, was a cross between Faye Dunaway and Joan Crawford. She was stunning. I love to look at her old photographs. Sadly, she became ill in her early 20’s with a disease that runs through our bloodlines. My Father was her dedicated champion throughout his life. Funny thing… My sister’s and I can’t figure out how her beauty skipped right on passed us and landed on her Grand-Children and Great-Grand-Children!

  4. Yes, I can see both Faye Dunaway and Joan Crawford in her. A very classy (in the old sense of the word) individual.

    Hey, you think you’re not beautiful?? I’ve seen your photo. You’re a fox, girl!

  5. Compared to My Mother in a younger age…I look like a sheepdog. She was very exotic with her long, dark wavy hair and she always wore a gardenia in in it (this was long before me but how my Father met her). Blond people are barely even taken serious and never appear exotic…just cutish. AGH. But THANK YOU yb. Your very sweet to say so.

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